Springing Into Action: a fresh start at the Farm

And here we are, back in action!

Returning from an invigorating month in Guatemala, we dove straight back into the rhythm of life at the farm. The inaugural week of the Deep Winter CSA unfolded seamlessly, and reconnecting with everyone at the Farm was truly heartening.

Springing into Action

Although it's just early March, signs of spring are already in the air, propelling us full gear into the 2024 season!

With over a decade of farming under our belts, we've honed a sixth sense for predicting the weather and the upcoming season. Our intuition tells us that spring is arriving early this year—the geese are in flight, the red-winged blackbirds are serenading, the first robins have arrived, and the snow has nearly vanished.

Typically, we aim to secure the covers on the caterpillar tunnels sometime in April, but this year, the schedule is shifting up by about a month. Within the next week or two, we'll be covering the tunnels, a move that will help start to dry and warm the soil, enabling us to plant transplants unusually early.

Inside the greenhouse, we're kick starting the seed process ahead of schedule too. In no time, tables will be set up, and the greenhouse will be bursting with new life. Beginning with cold-hardy, rapidly growing veggies for the Deep Winter CSA, like early lettuces, arugula, radishes, and baby kale, we'll swiftly transition to seeding summer crops like onions, peppers, eggplant, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and more.

Did you know that the most challenging months for local food in our region aren't in the heart of winter but in early spring? It's the period between the end of storage veggies and greenhouse crops, and the emergence of spring field vegetables. This is the gap we're determined to bridge this year, and the caterpillar tunnels, coupled with this early spring, are set to make it happen!

Every spring is filled with the promises of a fresh start—a season teeming with excitement, optimism, and boundless possibilities. It echoes the timeless cycle of rejuvenation, reflecting the uplifting journey we embark upon, where positivity and renewal intertwine seamlessly. Let this season serve as a vibrant reminder that, much like the resilient earth beneath our feet, we too possess the innate capacity to regenerate and flourish. Thank you for joining us on this journey, as we embrace the promise of a fresh start and celebrate the boundless possibilities that spring holds!

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