Explore the Versatility of Cabbage

As the chilly grip of winter loosens its hold and the promise of spring inches closer, there's a star vegetable that shines brightly in the local eating scene of the north – cabbage.

Versatile, resilient, and packed with nutrients, cabbage is a true champion of late winter and early spring meals. At Ottawa Farm Fresh, we celebrate the goodness of cabbage, offering a range of varieties that add crunch, flavour, and nourishment to your seasonal dishes.

Savoy Cabbage:
Juicy and Tender

Our savoy cabbage is a culinary delight, known for its juiciness, tenderness, and beautifully ruffled leaves. Whether you prefer it raw in a refreshing salad or tossed into a sizzling stir-fry, savoy cabbage adds a delightful crunch and sweet flavour to your dishes. Farmer Jo particularly loves pairing it with crispy bacon and gooey cheese for a mouthwatering treat! Try our deliciously simple layered cabbage roll recipe.

Napa Cabbage:
Freshness Personified
Our napa cabbage is a must-try for all you culinary enthusiasts. Its crisp texture and mild flavour make it a fantastic addition to salads and stir-fries, but our personal favourite way to enjoy this beauty is in the form of tangy and spicy kimchi. Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented dish that's as healthy as it is delicious! Click here for some of our tried and tested kimchi recipes
Green & Red Storage Cabbage:
Perfect for Sauerkraut

When it comes to making sauerkraut, our green and red storage cabbage varieties take the crown. These cabbages have lower moisture content than other varieties, which helps them stay delightfully crisp even after fermentation. Whether you're a sauerkraut aficionado or looking to try your hand at fermenting for the first time, our green and red storage cabbage is your best bet for achieving that perfect tangy crunch. Learn how to make sauerkraut with Jolianne!
Explore the exciting world of cabbage with us at Ottawa Farm Fresh!

While we may not have every type available at all times, our farm store offers a range of unique flavors and textures to discover. If you don't see what you're looking for, our friendly staff is here to help. Come by this week and join us in celebrating the goodness of cabbage!
You'll find a plethora of cabbage forward recipes on the website - give them a try!

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