Welcome to Ottawa's most flexible farm-direct CSA

Our seasonal CSA subscriptions are super simple, super flexible, and super delicious. No more scheduling hassle and no more being forced to eat veggies you don’t like. No more missing or losing your CSA basket when you're away on vacation. This is CSA 2.0!

2023 Summer Abundance CSA:
June - October 2023

2023/24 Winter CSA:
November 2023 - May 2024

Organic CSA basket in Ottawa

What makes the Ottawa Farm Fresh CSA different? In a word, flexibility!

Flexible CSA Basket Contents

Come to the Farm Store each week and assemble your basket yourself based on the suggested basket content. Don’t like a certain vegetable, no problem, simply trade it for a different one.

Total Vacation Flexibility

Take as many weeks of vacation as you want! Simply tell us how many weeks you’d like off when you register and we’ll adjust the price accordingly.

If you need more weeks off than is offered please send us an email and we'll make it happen! info@ottawafarmfresh.com

Flexible Payment Options

Choose between paying in one installment, or installments. The first installment is paid upon registration, and then the second and third installments later in the season (exact payment dates are listed for each CSA option). An admin charge applies for multi payments option.

Member Bonuses

As a farm CSA member you get preferential access to certain veggies that we don't grow much of, or veggies that are in short supply at certain times of the season, like the very first cherry tomatoes in June. You'll also have access to special member only specials most weeks of the season!

What our members are saying

"This is my first season enrolled in the CSA Abundance program, and the high-quality super-fresh organic veggies are reminding me of life 50, 60 years ago when I was a kid and veggies tasted and looked like this. This is real food, nutritious food. And the farm store experience is so well designed, it’s like nothing I’ve experienced in a very long time. Eat very well, feel healthier - sign up now!"

-Lorna, 2021 Summer CSA member


"I love--LOVE--everything about you guys!! Everything from the amazing produce, the substitution selections, the size of the CSA box (mini is simply perfect for me!), the location, the beautiful farm itself, but most of all your staff which is always happy and helpful. But the cherry on top for me is Farmer Joe's sheer enthusiasm for the beautiful food that he, his family and staff and Mother Nature produce!!"

-Jenn, 2021 Summer CSA member


"I got my first box this week and the quality and freshness is amazing. I also brought my 6-year-old son with me to collect our box and it was an excellent lesson in food. We got to walk the ground and see how vegetables are grown, the effort required to farm (i.e. don't waste your food), and the beauty of nature. Highly highly recommend!"

-Kristine, 2021 Summer CSA member

CSA Terms and Conditions

Still have questions? Try our CSA FAQ page.
Questions about which CSA basket is right for you? Email info@ottawafarmfresh.com