Earth Day Extravaganza with Ottawa Farm Fresh

Where better to spend a day appreciating and connecting with Mother Earth than here on the Farm. Join us for a day of eco-activities and workshops, inspiring us all to do what we can to make our corner of the world a happier and healthier place to live.

We have a passion for environmental conservation, and we weave that passion into every aspect of our farming operation. From cover cropping, to beyond organic growing practices, to supporting the expansion of the local foodscape, everything we do is rooted in ecological sustainability. Conventional agriculture is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions here in Canada, and around the world, but regenerative organic farms like ours have the potential to mitigate some of the harm that has been done to the earth over the last century. Together we are part of the solution to the climate crisis, one carrot at a time!

Earth Day Extravaganza Schedule

9:30am - 10:15am: Learn the basics of bike maintenance with Adam Kourakis of Velofix Ottawa

10:30am - 1pm: Spring bike tune-ups with Velofix (click to book in advance & pay at event)

10:30am - 11:30am: Farm Clean Up Work Bee

1pm - 2pm: Interpretive spring nature walk with Nikki Satira of Earth Path
FREE for Farm Members, $25/person non-Farm Members
Click for tickets

10am - 2:30pm: Seed your own Pollinator friendly flower mix with Ottawa Farm Fresh

10am - 2:30pm: Farm store - Garden supplies for sale

Learn the basics of bike maintenance with Adam Kourakis of Velofix Ottawa
Join Adam, the owner/operator of Velofix Ottawa to learn how to take care of your trusty steed and keep your wheels on the road all season long. Adam is a certified bike technician, and long time cycling enthusiast, and will give you everything you need for a summer of happy trails!

Spring bike tune ups with Velofix Ottawa
Get your bike ready to hit the road this season with a spring tune up by the professionals at Velo Fix Ottawa.

Your tune up will include;

  • Full bike safety inspection (frame, fork, components, and torque settings)
  • Frame and component wipe down
  • Lube chain
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustments
  • Brake lever and calliper adjustments
  • Minor wheel adjustments
  • Headset and bottom bracket adjustments
  • Post-service test ride

The cost of the spring tune up is $109+tax and will be paid directly to Velofix at the event. Book your spot via Calendly.

Farm Clean Up Work Bee: Foraging for Garbage
Come together with the Farm community to clean up the land that grows your vegetables. Join us to fill an NCC dumpster with the years of detritus that has accumulated on this land - including such gems as a discarded snowmobile and an ancient refrigerator! Bring your own gloves and spend some time this Earth Day honouring this little corner of the earth.

Interpretive spring nature walk with Nikki Satira of Earth Path
Nikkia Satira makes her 2022 debut at the Farm with her first workshop of the season, a interpretive nature walk around Ottawa Farm Fresh. This farm is a haven for wildlife, from the tiniest microbes to the largest mammals native to the area, and on this one hour family-friendly nature walk Nikki will help us identify signs of native wildlife, explore new plant life popping up, check out local tree diversity, and learn all about the birds!

Nikki is the Executive Director of Earth Path and a skilled naturalist, wilderness skills practitioner, environmental advocate, and educator.

FREE for Farm Members,  $25/person for non-Farm members

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