U-Pick Bean Season Is Here!

Come and experience the joy of harvesting your very own fresh veggies this week at the Farm in our pick-your-own french bean patch!

French beans are the perfect veggie to bring the family out to harvest fresh from the field - delicious, plentiful, and oh so versatile. We’re growing both green and yellow beans and they are abundant little beauties!

 The pick-your-own bean season is short so don't delay!

How does it work?

Bring your own basket to the Farm and follow the signs to the bean patch. Look for the flags and start picking from there. When you’re done, just plant the flag where you finished picking and the next group can start from there. Bring your harvest to the Farm Store where we’ll weigh the beany goodness to pay - $4/lb.

How to pick beans

Picking beans is like a little treasure hunt! The beans love to hide under the cover of the leaves, so you’ll have to get up close and personal with the plants. Gently push the leaves aside to find the bean clusters. One cluster will have beans at various stages of development so make sure to only pick the ones that are perfect and ready for harvest.

How do I know if a bean is ripe?

Good question! For green beans you want to look for beans that are about 5-7” long and are only beginning to swell with the beans within the pod. For yellow beans, you want to look for a bean that has turned fully yellow, without green tips.

Once you find the perfect bean gently hold the bean at the stem end and use your nail to lightly separate it from the plant. You want to be gentle when picking, don’t just grab and rip, as this can pull off a full growing head.

Click here for a little instructional video

Important notes:

* Do not pick or touch any other crops.

* Stay in the aisles between the bean plants and DO NOT leap over the plants. If you want to move to the other side of a row, please walk to the end of the aisle.

organic beans ottawa pick your own

The pick-your-own bean patch will open with the Farm Store, with last picking permitted half an hour before closing time.

Pick your own bean hours:

Thursday 11-6:30

Friday 9-4:30

Saturday 9-4:30

Bring a basket and get beanie at the Farm this week!

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