The Farm Market Membership is back!

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to keep filling your kitchen with Farm Fresh goodness this year, with the flexibility that only the Farm Market Membership can offer!

The 2023 Farm Market Membership will work in much the same way as last year, letting you feel all the Farm Fresh membership feels, without the commitment of coming a specific number of times through the season.

The Market Membership lets you buy what you want, when you want, all season long.

The only difference is that this year your 10% discount will be applied when you purchase your membership, rather than off of each additional purchase. Add the Market Membership value of your choice to your cart and a 10% discount will be applied automatically to your purchase.


We promise that while we fill your kitchen the very best locally grown, organic food, we’ll also fill your soul with calm, and your heart with gratitude for the land that feeds your community.

Ottawa Farm Fresh is changing the way Ottawa shops for groceries - filled with mindful choices, social and environmental consciousness, and mind-blowing quality!

Conscious eating has never tasted so good!

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