Getting to Know Your Farmers

One of the joys of small-scale farming, for both the farmer and the greater community, is knowing each other.


Being able to see the faces and hands that grow the food, as well as the faces and hands that take that food home to nourish their families with it. This is one of the factors that drew Jonathan and Jolianne to Ottawa’s Greenbelt farms - the proximity to the city and the opportunity that this provides for building a food-based community of people that know each other and share similar values.


If you haven’t had the chance to speak to Jonathan and Jolianne in the Farm Store, today you can get to know them a little better virtually! Check out today’s video to learn what drew each of them to farming, what they value about it, and how these two world travellers ended up on a peri-urban farm in Ottawa’s Greenbelt about 16 months ago!



The next time you’re at the Farm Store make sure to say hi and introduce yourself. The whole team at Ottawa Farm Fresh love having the opportunity to connect with the folks that we are feeding every week, it’s a joy and a privilege to be welcomed into your homes and kitchens week after week.

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