Farmer to Gardener Home Gardening Webinars

Growing food is our passion, and it’s a passion that we want to share in every way possible.

This is why for the second year running we’re bringing you our Farmer to Gardener webinar series; an opportunity to share our veg growing knowledge with all of the enthusiastic home gardeners out there! Whether you have been growing food for years, or are just starting out, Farmer Jo will have tips and tricks to take your vegetable garden to the next level. These webinars are also great for non-gardeners that are interested in learning more our farming practices and how we grow all those delicious veggies!

Level up your gardening game this summer!
We’re building on last year’s success, this year offering three free online webinars, each of which will focus on a different aspect of gardening.
Seed Starting 101
February 23, 7-8pm
Watching a tiny seed turn into a full grown plant is the closest thing to magic you’ll ever experience. In this one hour webinar Farmer Jo will give you the keys to successful seed starting, covering everything from what you’ll need to get started, to keeping those baby plants going strong right up until you plant them outside.

Garden Planning
March 9, 7-8pm
You can start out with the best seeds and plants in the world, but if your garden isn’t set up for success you’re likely to meet with disappointment. In this webinar Farmer Jo will help you set up your outdoor garden right from scratch (including containers) and help set you up for the healthiest and most productive garden you’ve ever grown.

Caring For Your Garden
March 23, 7-8pm

Caring for your garden properly through the growing season is the final step that will ensure you’re filling basket after basket with amazing fresh veggies all summer long. In the third webinar in our Farmer to Gardener series we’ll cover topics such as irrigation, fertilising, pest control, and harvesting, as well as offering some storage and preservation tips.

Register online via Calendly and join us for some garden dreaming.

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