CSA Starts in 6 Weeks!

Life is busy, believe us, we get it!

Committing to anything in these uncertain times is difficult, and this might have you thinking that a CSA just won’t work for you - your schedule changes, you're away too often, and you just can’t commit to coming to the Farm week after week, all season long.
Well, let us tell you why if there was ever a CSA program that could fit into your schedule, the Ottawa Farm Fresh Summer Abundance is it!

We firmly believe that a CSA should fit around your life, not the other way around.
That's exactly why we designed our veg box subscription to be the most flexible one you've ever experienced - we like to call it CSA 2.0!

What makes the Ottawa Farm Fresh CSA different? In a word...flexibility!

* Choose the veg you want every week
* Choose the number of weeks you want to come
* Choose the size that suits you & your family best
* Choose when you want to pick your boxes up - come anytime during our opening hours (Thursday to Saturday)
* Choose the season length that works best for you - June to October or June to December
* Choose the way you pay - all at once or in instalments

All of that, and as a farm CSA member you get 10% more veggies in your CSA share than you paid for and free access to most Farm events.

Our goal is to bring great, organic, locally grown food to the community, and making our CSA as flexible as possible is one of the ways we’re doing that!

Join the Ottawa Farm Fresh CSA Today!

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