A Carrot is a Carrot, right?! Wrong.

🥕Carrots are carrots, right?

Jonathan’s VS Steph’s carrots🥕🥕  Why such a big difference in the quality of carrots?!

When Steph finally dug up her garden this fall, why did her carefully planted carrots end up only an inch long, pale orange and tasteless? In fact, she told me her whole harvest fit in a sandwich ziplock bag! Why?

She came to Jonathan for answers. Check out their conversation HERE on Instagram OR HERE on Facebook.

After they stopped giggling about Steph's sad carrots, here's what Jonathan said might be the reason her carrots didn't flourish...

- the variety of carrot seed Steph planted. It seems Home Depot seeds might not be the best choice. <<cough, cough, serious face here, trying not to giggle>>

- the soil and type of fertilizer used.

- the planting method: spacing, depth...etc

- the amount of water the plant recieved

This conversation between Jonathan and Steph actually sparked the idea of offering folks organic garden coaching, which led to an even more comprehensive approach and our Organic Garden Package!

Here is everything you need to know...

2020 Gift Giving Spotlight: An Organic Garden

#2 🎁An Organic Garden

Have someone to buy for that is an avid gardener? Or perhaps a want-to-be or beginner gardener? Maybe you want to gift your family a garden for 2021?

Excellent! Let's partner up to offer them (or you!) a truly meaningful gift - an investment in their knowledge, well-being and a cheerleader for their enthusiasm for playing in the dirt! (Who said these presents need be serious ;) 

❤️❤️Please note: We will provide you with a beautiful gift card announcing your generous and meaningful gift for your loved one, perfect for putting under (or on!) the tree. ❤️❤️


Organic Garden Package: Organic Plants, Seeds, Fertilizer, and a Customized Garden Plan

Let's get your loved ones growing an abundant crop of fresh organic vegetables, in their very own yard. With over a decade of commercial organic vegetable farming and farm consulting experience, we’re here to help.

Grow it like a Pro.

We've got them covered for the three key garden success factors:

Vigorous Plants and Seeds: We know which varieties work and which don’t. We also know how to grow an organic seedling that will thrive in their garden and we make sure they aren't covered in pesticides.

Optimal Soil Fertility: Every soil is unique, each crop has different needs and the complex interaction of soil pH, Macro-Nutirients, and Micro-Nutrient has a huge impact on crop yield. Sound complicated? Not for us, we love this stuff and we will...

~ provide them with an easy to use soil sampling kit

~ send their soil sample to our favourite soil analysis lab

~ interpret the results

~ provide them with the optimal blend of organic fertilizers for their particular garden as well as step by step planting instructions

A Customized Garden Plan: Based on the vegetable preferences your loved one indicates in their in-take form, we’ll provide them with a detailed garden plan showing what to plant, when and with what spacing. 


Small Garden (up to 100 sq. ft.): $250   

Medium Garden (100 to 200 sq. ft.) $425 

Large Garden (200 to 300 sq. ft.) $575 

XL Garden (over 300 sq. ft.) Contact us for a quote. 

**to purchase or for more options and details click HERE

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