Maple Apple Crisp

Jolianne does it again with last harvest’s apples coated in a maple-cream-caramel baked to a golden perfection under butter-crisped oats. She uses almond milk and almond flour instead of cream and flour with good results, but use whatever your family loves best!

Maple-Apple Crisp

4 apples, sliced
1 C maple syrup
1 C cream (almond milk works well too)
3 T arrowroot starch
2 C oats
1 C flour
½ C applesauce
½ C pecans
½ C butter or coconut oil


Cook the apples in a heavy bottom pot until very tender.

In another pan, boil the syrup. Add the cream or milk after it starts boiling. Mix arrowroot with a bit of milk then add to the syrup mix, mixing well until it is thick enough.

Place the apple then the caramel into a 9” pyrex.

Mix together the rest of the ingredients well, put on top of apple mix, and bake at 350 for 40min.

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