Creamy Spinach Soup

Get your greens with this simple vegan spinach soup recipe. 16 cups of spinach might sound like a lot but it’s only about 2 bags of raw spinach.

Creamy Spinach Soup

3T olive oil
2 onions, chopped
3 yellow potatoes, peeled & cubed
16 C baby spinach
7 C vegetable stock
¼ C nutritional yeast
1 t garlic powder
1 t dried oregano
1 ¼ C cashews
Salt & pepper to taste
Heat oil in large pot over medium heat, saute onions ~5 min. Add remaining ingredients, bring to boil then reduce to simmer for 40 min.

With slotted spoon remove about 1 ½ c of the vegetables from stock, reserve.

Using a blender or immersion blender, blend remaining soup. Add reserved vegetables and mix well.

Serve topped with homemade croutons & chopped chives.

La Cuisine - Jean Philippe.

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