Winter CSA Info

The Winter CSA will run in much the same way as the Summer CSA, but we encourage everyone to read the details below so that you are fully prepared for the winter abundance to come!

Winter CSA Member Details

Pick up Dates & Times
The Winter CSA begins the first week of November and runs until the final week of December. The first pick up day will be Wednesday, November 2nd, and then final day will be Thursday, December 29.
This year we’re offering two pick up days:
Wednesdays 2pm-5pm
Thursdays 2pm-6pm
Pick Up Time Survey
We are asking all Winter CSA members to head to Calendly and let us know when you are planning to come to pick up your Winter CSA basket each week. Think of this more as a survey, rather than a pick up time booking. This information will help us to be prepared for busy times and hopefully minimise wait times.
Missed Pick Ups
If you are unable to attend a pick up week we invite you to take a double basket earlier or later in the season. You do not have to inform us in advance, we’ll just make note of the double basket when you pick it up. You WILL NOT be able to transfer Winter 2022 CSA baskets to Summer 2023 baskets. We ask that you pick up all of your Winter baskets during the Winter period.
Winter CSA Swaps
The Winter CSA offers choice and the ability to swap items, just like the Summer CSA. However, keep in mind that the variety and volume of items available during the winter is somewhat limited when compared to the Summer.
Bring Bags
Please bring your own baskets or bags to collect your CSA in and transport it home.
Bulk Greens Pilot Project

Forego the plastic bag and pack your own greens in a reusable container this winter. Just fill a yellow basket with the provided tongs and then transfer to your own bag or container. You can even serve up yourself a mix of the greens on offer - want a little arugula, a little spinach, and a little kale? Go right ahead! Pre-packed options will still be available if you prefer.


Winter CSA Add-Ons

Keep filling your kitchen with your favourite local products right through the Winter with our CSA add-ons.


The Farm Store might be closed for the season, but this year you can add some of your favourite Farm Fresh products to your Winter CSA! With the Winter CSA Add-on program you can order eggs, milk, baked goods, or meat to your CSA and pick them up at the Farm with your CSA. Easy peasy! Click here to learn more.


If you have any questions please ask the folks at pick up or contact us at
Learn more about our Winter CSA program here.

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