Warm Winter Wishes

As the Farm begins a much needed winter break, we extend our heartfelt hopes that this season brings you all that you need—a chance to unwind and find tranquility amid the hustle and bustle. May your holidays be filled with light, compassion, and kindness, guiding the way towards a bright new year brimming with possibilities.

After four years of non-stop action here at the farm, Farmer Jo is taking a breather and heading off to Guatemala for a month to explore some interests beyond the fields. We're big on that work-life balance, you know? Keep an eye out for updates from Farmer Jo's adventures in the sunny south after we take a little newsletter break for a couple of weeks!

The whole Ottawa Farm Fresh team wishes you cosy moments and joyful festivities this winter season — here's to a well-deserved break and exciting new beginnings!

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