Lacto Fermented Garlic Scapes

Lacto Fermented Garlic Scapes

1 Quart brine (To make the brine: Add 2 TBSP salt to 1 Quart of water. Shake to dissolve the salt completely.)
15-20 Garlic Scapes (about 1 quart)
Seasonings such as Red Pepper Flakes, Dill, Cumin seeds, Coriander, Mustard Seeds

Prepare garlic scapes by trimming off the tough ends and rinsing clean. Optionally remove flower head as well.

Place scapes in a wide-mouth quart mason jar. You can either just curl the entire scape up into the mason jar, or cut the scapes into smaller pieces.

Add desired seasonings to the jar. Try 1/2 tsp dill seed and 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes.

Pour brine over the garlic scapes, ensuring that they are covered completely. If you are using cut-up scapes, you may need to weigh them down with a clean rock or a glass weight.

Place a lid loosely on the jar and set the jar aside. Check daily. You will notice bubbles forming after a few days – this is completely normal and desired!

After a week or so give your scapes a taste. When they are fermented to your liking, move them to the refrigerator or another cool location and enjoy!

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