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CSA Basket Subscription - Ottawa Farm Fresh Organics

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    Welcome to Ottawa's most flexible farm-direct CSA

    Our seasonal CSA subscriptions are super simple, super flexible, and super delicious. No more scheduling hassle and no more being forced to eat veggies you don’t like. No more missing or losing your CSA basket when you're away on vacation. This is CSA 2.0!


    What is so great about the Ottawa Farm Fresh CSA?

    * You’ll get a weekly basket of locally grown, organic veggies so that you can be confident that you are getting high quality, nutrient dense produce that is safe to eat and sustainable grown.

    * Our CSA is super flexible so that it works for YOU! Choose from four season lengths, choose the number of baskets you’d like, choose the veggies you’d like to bring home every week, and choose the way you’d like to pay.

    * We’ll send you our exclusive CSA Guide filled with hot tips from your Farmers so that you can make the most of your veggies each week!

    * You’ll receive a weekly newsletter filled with Farm news, videos, and seasonal recipes to inspire your cooking and have you eating more veggies than ever.

    * You’ll be treated to regular CSA member discounts and bonuses, because you deserve to be rewarded for your investment in local, sustainable farming.

    2024 CSA Baskets

    Treat yourself to a fresh, seasonal selection of locally and organically grown vegetables with the Ottawa Farm Fresh Organics CSA basket subscription!

    Two Season Options

    Full Season: June 6 - December 21 (28 weeks)*
    Summer Only: June 6 - November 2 (22 weeks)

    Note: Prices are updated weekly - you are not charged for weeks that have passed.
    * There will be no basket collection the week of Nov 7-9, 2024


    CSA pick up times: Thursday 11am-7pm, Friday 11am-5pm & Saturday 9am-5pm

    Flexible Payment Options

    Choose between paying in one instalment or multiple payments.
    •  Summer only CSA you can select 2 instalments, the first of which is paid on registration, followed by August 1, 2024.
    • Full Season CSA you can select 3 instalments, the first of which is charged on registration, followed by August 1, and October 1, 2024.

      There is a surcharge for instalment payments. You will receive an invoice for each of the subsequent payments from admin@ottawafarmfresh.com with a link to enter your card information.
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