About Ottawa Farm Fresh

Why do we farm? Great question!

Because we believe good organic food deserves to be eaten as close as possible to where it is grown... our farm is located less than 12 minutes from downtown Ottawa, on a property we rent from the NCC with a 25 year lease in the Ottawa Greenbelt.

Because we believe eating ultra-local should also be ultra-convenient for you... our location on the outskirts of Ottawa means that we are within easy reach of the whole city. Our on site farm shop is always stocked with fresh, seasonal produce ready to be the centrepiece of any meal.

Because we believe that agriculture can heal the land AND nurture the mind, body, and soul of the local community... we use 100% Organic growing methods and are in the process of getting certified.

Because we love food as much as you do... all our products are freshly harvested, washed, and of the highest quality.

Because it's an honor to farm for you and your family... Thank you.

Organic farm field in Ottawa