Carrot Smoked Salmon

Carrots that taste like salmon.  Or just carrots to add to your sandwich. Or just a fun way to interpret carrots.

Carrot Smoked Salmon

1 large carrot
470 ml water
1 T tamari
1 t maple syrup
½ t smoked paprika (or liquid smoke)
½ t salt
~ 10 cm piece of seaweed: kombu, wakame or nori (optional)
Olive oil
2 T chopped fresh dill
Juice of ½ lemon ( 2 T)
Shave the carrot into long ribbons with a peeler.

In a pan, bring to a boil the water, tamari, syrup, paprika, salt & seaweed.

Add the carrots & simmer for 30 minutes.

Turn off the heat, leave the mix to cool. For a stronger flavor, leave overnight.

Drain the carrots, mix in olive oil, dill & lemon.

Serve with cream cheese/caper bagel, in sandwiches or in salad or any kind.


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