Winter CSA - Eat local all winter long!

A key element of Nordic eating is getting ready in advance for those snowy winter months.

You harvest what you sow - you store what you harvest - you eat what you store!

The Ottawa Farm Fresh Winter CSA will bring you delicious, local, organic food for 20 whole weeks this year, from November 16, 2023 to May 2024 (with a 9 week break in Jan/Feb)!

This year our Winter CSA is going longer than ever. We've made the investments in infrastructure necessary to make it happen. A larger cold room, a heated pick up area, and expanded crop plantings are all coming together to make the 2023/24 Winter CSA the longest we've ever offered.

We're closing the circle and helping you eat local longer than ever!

Ottawa Farm Fresh Organics Winter CSA

Winter CSA Basket Details

Dates: 20 weeks

Fall & Winter period: November 16 to December 22, 2023

9 week break over January & February while your Farmers recharge!

Deep Winter & Spring period: February 29, 2024 - May 31, 2024

Pick up times: Thursday 1pm-7pm & Friday 11am-5pm

The Winter CSA has all the flexibility that you know and love about the Summer CSA - flexible choices, flexible sizes, flexible pick up times, flexible holiday schedule, and flexible payments. Click here for all the details!

Ottawa Farm Fresh Organics Winter CSA Schedule

The veggies you'll find in your Winter CSA will change as the season progresses.

Early on your basket might not differ greatly from summer options, depending on how mother nature treats us, then slowly shifting towards more comforting winter fare, such as roots and hearty greens. As the seasons transition and we move into early spring you can expect more frost kissed greens as the earth begins to burst back into life!

This is what eating local year round looks like - a menu that slowly shifts and provides us with just what our body wants and needs every step of the way.

Here are a few of the delicious winter vegetables that you'll find in your Winter CSA basket over the course of the season.

Roots (carrots, beets, daikon radish, potatoes, garlic)
Cabbage/squash/celeriac/celery/sweet potaotes/parsnips/celery root
Large greens (kale/chard/lettuce/raddichio/herb)
Cut greens (arugula/spinach/baby kale/mesclun mix)
Surprise items (canned goods/herbal teas/bulk foods/lacto-ferments/etc.)

Winter csa baskets Ottawa Farm Fresh Organics
Registering for the Winter CSA is a great way to help ensure that you have all the food you need to get through the winter months, while also making an investment in your food, your farm, and your farmers.

Join us on this new, year round local food journey and register for your Winter CSA today!

Click to register for Winter CSA now!

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