Two Early Bird Summer CSA Bonuses

Spring Early Bird Bonus Basket

In my excitement to tell you about our Summer CSA weekly basket subscription last week, I forgot the fun bonus we're offering for the first 50 members to sign up!

You know in May when you can't wait to plant your garden and you just wish you could fast forward to the part where you have all kinds of fresh spring veggies... well, when you sign up for Summer CSA before January 31, 2021 you get a FREE Spring Early Bird Basket!

This exclusive veggie basket, ready sometime in May, will contain our very first picks like spring arugula, radishes, green onions, lebanese cucumbers, sugar drop radishes... Even before our Farm Store opens, you'll get a tasty preview of what organic goodness is to come! (**note: this surprise basket is reserved for the first 50 Summer CSA sign ups)

Yes! If you signed up last week you DO get the Spring Early Bird Bonus Basket.




We Want to Grow for Your Friends & Family, too!

My mother-in-law makes me a better person. There, I said it. Growing up with tv shows full of nasty mother-in-laws led me to believe that most mother-in-laws were meddlesome, mean and someone to be avoided. My reality could not be further from the truth.

Marie has made me rethink how I show up in the world and challenged me to look closer at the food I eat. She is forever sharing recipes, chatting with me over tea and feeding me incredible, delicous, plantbased food. Another thing we have in common is that we LOVE Ottawa Farm Fresh veggies.

We're like a pair of love-sick teenagers describing their most recent date detail by detail.

"Oh, did you eat your bok choy yet? I added it to my Winter Squash salad. SO fresh, so good! I can't wait til next week. I just can't get enough of those carrrots!"

"Oh, I know. I made Pad Thai with daikon noodles and Russian Kale. Oh my gosh, divine. I'm in love with daikon and to think I'd never even heard of it before this summer."

Do you and your mother or mother-in-law share a love of organic veggies? Do you have a foodie friend? Do you know someone who needs to know about our Summer CSA?

You DO. Awesome!

Can we ask you to do us a favour? Would you share us with your family, friends and community? 

We have set a goal to feed 300 families this summer with our 22 week Summer CSA Bounty Baskets and we'd love it if your family and friends were a part it!

Here are two ways to share your enthusiasm for our veggies and help us reach our goal:

1. Forward this email on to your friends and family in the Ottawa area. Let them know you've tried our veggies and they're awesome. (well, feel free to describe us using your own favorite adjective. We don't want to put words in your mouth, just great veggies!)

2. Post on Facebook, Instagram or your local community listserv letting your circle know about us! To make things super simple, you'll find an email template you can use below for this purpose (Special thanks to the super client who shared it with us!). 

**If someone you refer is among the first 10 NEW sign ups for their own Summer CSA Basket subscription (before Jan 31) you both get a Referral Bonus Winter Basket full of delicious winter roots and shoots! Pick up of the Bonus Winter Basket is Thursday February 7th at the Farm.

Email Sample:

Hello everyone,

Last summer we (or this winter we've) really enjoyed our weekly trips to the Ottawa Farm Fresh Farm to pick-up super fresh organic vegetables and thought you might also. 

Right now, they have an Early Bird bonus for the first 50 people who sign up for their Summer CSA Bounty Baskets. Here are the details:

Summer CSA Runs: 22 weeks, from June 2 to Oct 31 (Take as many weeks as you like of vacation, we adjust the cost accordingly.)

Basket Pick-up: is any time we're open at the Farm Store, located at 2811 Ramsayville Rd (10 minutes from downtown Ottawa)

Farm Store Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm

How it Works: Come to the Farm Store each week and assemble your basket yourself based on the suggested basket contents. Don’t like a certain vegetable, no problem, simply trade it for a different one.

Bonus Basket: Sign up before January 31 and get a FREE Early Bird Spring Bonus Basket! This exclusive veggie basket, ready for pick up sometime in May, will contain our very first picks. Even before our Farm Store opens, you'll get a tasty preview of what organic goodness is to come! (**note: this surprise basket is reserved for the first 20 Summer CSA sign ups)

Referral Bonus: We're not done yet! Did a friend refer you to us? Have you both signed up for a Summer CSA? Excellent! The first 10 NEW referrals to sign up for a Summer CSA subscription get a Referral Bonus Winter Basket full of delicious winter roots and shoots! And so does the person who so kindly referred you!

We've found the produce is amazingly fresh and delicious, truly bounteous.  If you are interested and would like more information, their website is:

Warm Regards,

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