Oven-Baked Chicken with Celery and Fennel

This is our new go-to in the house. I love how simple it is, and how the veggies cook with the chicken, thus enhancing the flavor of both. Like most things, I usually burn it (I secretly like the burnt flavor though ;))and it is still delicious but do check on it as cooking time depends on how big you like to cut the chicken. This a no-recipe recipe: adapt it to your needs according to these general guidelines.

Oven-Baked Chicken with Celery and Fennel

Chicken (breast, thigh), cut into 1’’ piece

1 whole celery head, including the leaves, chopped

Fennel (as many as you have on hand). Sliced medium thick. Make sure to remove the core by making an incision where the root is. I usually just do a V cut around the root (and then I munch on it-fennel has digestive qualities, perfect as a pre-meal snack!)

1-2 onions, chopped. I like the red ones better as I find them sweeter and they caramelize more.

Put some oil on a baking sheet. Throw on the chopped chicken, celery, fennel and onion.

Sprinkle with tamari, chili powder or smoked paprika, and a tiny bit of turmeric.You could add liquid smoke (especially if making it vegetarian with tofu) or bbq sauce or maple syrup (of course).

Bake at 375 for 30 mins, or until veggies are caramelized and tender, and check that chicken reaches 165 degrees.

Serve with rice, pasta, in a taco shell, with fries, or Joli-style: let it cool down, add arugula,roasted sunflower seeds, grated cheese and /or avocado, and a creamy dressing.

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