What is CSA and Why Does it Matter?

You might have heard the term CSA and wondered what it exactly it meant. The short answer is that it’s a basket of produce from a local farm - simple enough. In reality, it is so much more. For us, our CSA is all about building connections between farm and community, sustaining each other in a mutually beneficial relationship.

How does farming sustain a community? We like to think of it as a triangle of relationships - human, ecological, and economic.


Human Sustainability: Too few people have the opportunity to see where their food comes from and get to know the people who grow it. We relish the opportunity to have the community visit the Farm, walk the fields, and see exactly where and how their food is grown. By meeting and visiting week after week, season after season, a familiarity and connection grows that goes beyond the superficial. Together we are cultivating connections to each other, to our food, and to nature.


Ecological Sustainability: The CSA model allows us to grow a diversity of crops to keep those baskets filled with new and exciting produce week after week. We grow 168 varieties of vegetables, as a matter of fact! Organic growing methods, combined with crop diversification leads to a strong and healthy ecosystem for everyone - flora, fauna, and fungi.


Economic Sustainability:  Did you know that in the conventional farming system farmers have to take out huge loans every single year in order to purchase the seeds and other inputs they require. That is a huge source of stress and leaves the farm and farmers incredibly vulnerable. By purchasing your CSA early in the season you give us the funds that are needed early in the year to get everything started, without the perpetual stress of the loan and repayment system.


Purchasing from a local business like ours also supports that local economy in a way that conventional grocery stores simply don’t. We are part of the local community, hiring local people, purchasing from local businesses, and participating in local activities. Dollars spent in a small business like ours go towards building a vibrant local community, and that benefits us all!

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