Ottawa Farm Fresh Seedling Sale

We're thrilled to announce that our annual Seedling Sale is happening now at Ottawa Farm Fresh!

Join us over the next few weeks to explore a delightful array of organic seedlings, cultivated alongside our renowned Farm seedlings.

What's in Store?

Organic seedlings including:
Cherry, slicer, and plum tomatoes (over 20 varieties!)
Sweet and hot peppers
Eggplant, cabbage, celery
Ground cherry, cucumber, zucchini
Vibrant flowers like zinnias, calendula, nasturtium, snapdragons
Aromatic herbs such as basil, cilantro, parsley, thyme, oregano, sage

And that's not all! We have everything you need for a flourishing garden:

Organic fertilizers & compost
Gaia organic seeds
Row cover for protection

Embrace the season and kick start your gardening journey, whether it's a balcony pot or a sprawling yard plot! Visit us today for a fresh start to your green paradise.

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