Organic is Orgasmic!

Organic farming principles are fundamental to Ottawa Farm Fresh. We believe that organic and regenerative agricultural practices have the potential to transform the world and everyday we strive to make decisions that benefit the earth and the community. Through the use of cover cropping, crop rotation, low-tillage, intercropping, soil maintenance, and organic fertilisation and pest control Ottawa Farm Fresh mindfully stewards this land, but also grows the most delicious, nutrient dense, vibrant food you’ve ever tasted!

Organic Heals the Earth


Have you ever really thought about the ground beneath your feet? Do you think about the whole world of insects, micro-organisms, and fungi that are teeming beneath our feet every day of the year? Don’t worry if you don’t, we think about it all the time. Don't be fooled, this isn't dirt under our feet, it's life!


Here at Ottawa Farm Fresh we aren't only growing veggies, we're growing soil, and it's arguably our most precious crop. Through the use of cover crops and crop rotation we nurture a healthy, complex, thriving soil ecosystem that will then nourish and grow the most amazing veggies ever.


Cover crops and low-tillage are also important for carbon sequestration - grabbing carbon from the air and locking it in the ground to feed the soil microbiome. It is estimated that a full adoption of soil conservation practices could remove three gigatonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually. That’s a movement we can get behind!


Organic Nourishes Your Family


One of the better known aspects of organic farming is the eschewing of chemicals, and the use of natural methods for fertilisation and pest control. Conventional agriculture relies heavily on chemical inputs to feed crops and control pests, causing myriad human and environmental issues, some of which we still don’t fully understand.


Ottawa Farm Fresh uses only safe, non-persistent, naturally derived products and methods to ensure healthy, vibrant veggies - safe for you and your family to eat straight from the ground!


Organic Tantalizes Your Taste Buds


Last, but definitely not least, is the taste! If you’ve ever eaten one of our carrots you’ll understand - organic just tastes better. We have all become accustomed to bland grocery store vegetables - vegetables that have been grown not for their flavour or nutritional value but because they can be easily shipped across the country (or world), and then sit for too long on grocery store shelves in less than ideal conditions. The energy and life have been drained from these veggies, and your taste buds can tell.


Ottawa Farm Fresh has strict quality standards that mean that you will only ever find field fresh produce in your CSA or in the Farm Store, and again, your taste buds can tell! Nothing compares to the sweetness of a sun ripened tomato, or the crunch of a spring radish, or the peppery kick of field fresh arugula. With organic ingredients this flavourful you don’t need complicated recipes or to spend hours preparing meals, they are perfect just as they are. Who knew organic veggies were also going to make your life easier?


As you can tell we’re passionate about organic, and we want you to be too! Choosing to buy your weekly veggies from Ottawa Farm Fresh is an investment in the earth, in your health, and in your kitchen, and it’s a risk-free investment that will only grow over time.

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