Join the Ottawa Farm Fresh Team!

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a team to grow food!

Feeding over 400 families each week is no small feat, and the abundance you see in the Farm Store highlights the commitment and passion of everyone involved in the process. It’s a real team effort from start to finish and it takes a crew of passionate and dedicated folks to keep the veggies flowing all season long!

We believe in the power of teamwork, and it's always inspiring to see how everyone chips in to make sure our community gets the freshest, tastiest produce. Working together towards the common goal of feeding our community creates this awesome sense of connection. We're like a veggie-loving family, and it's pretty cool.

If you are not afraid of rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands dirty, and putting in the sweat equity that comes with cultivating the land, then our team could be the perfect fit for you. The rewards are not only in the bountiful harvest but also in the sense of accomplishment that comes from contributing to the sustenance of our community.

Ready to take on the ups and downs that farming throws your way? We'd love to see your application and explore the growth opportunities we can create together. Come join us in the fields, where we're not just cultivating crops but fostering a vision of a vibrant and united community.

Field Crew

Farm Store

We're all about bringing in the right crew, so don't hesitate to reach out even if you don't check every box on the job descriptions. If you've got passion, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and dedication, we want to know more about you. Drop us a cover letter where you can share a bit about yourself, why you're excited about joining our team, and what your dream working situation looks like. No need to be shy – we're eager to hear from you!

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