Announcing Winter CSA Add-Ons

The Farm Store might be closed for the season, but this year you can add some of your favourite Farm Fresh products to your Winter CSA! With the Winter CSA Add-on program you can order eggs, milk, baked goods, or meat to your CSA and pick them up at the Farm with your CSA. Easy peasy!

Grazing Days Meat CSA

Take your CSA to the next level with two 10 lb CSA meat boxes from Grazing Days Farm.

Grazing Days is a family-run farm run by Paul Slomp and Josée Cyr-Charlebois, longtime friends of Jonathan and Jolianne. Paul and Josée are some of the most compassionate people you could meet, treating their animals and land with the utmost care and respect. They use rotational grazing techniques to keep their animals healthy, while also building soil health and sequestering atmospheric carbon.

There are two options to choose from, a certified halal beef variety box, or a pork and beef variety box, both of which will be delivered twice over the Winter CSA period, on Thursday, November 10th, and Thursday, December 22nd.

10lb Grass Fed Beef Variety Box (certified halal):
If you select this option you will receive a box like that listed below twice, although the exact type of roast and steaks might be different.

One beef roast
One package of grilling steak
One package of marinating steak
One package of stewing cubes
Three packages of ground beef

10lb Pork and Beef Box Variety Box:
You will receive the following in two boxes (ie. you will receive half of this list for each of the pickup dates).
One beef roast
One package of beef grilling steak
One package of beef marinating steak
One package of beef stewing cubes
Three packages of ground beef
One pork roast
Two or Three packages of pork chops
One or Two packages of ground pork
One smoked ham
One package of smoked bacon
One package of pork sausages

Beking Eggs CSA Add-on

These are the eggs we’ve proudly been carrying all season - local, organic, and free roam. Add a ½ dozen or full dozen eggs to your Winter CSA and start collecting them on the second week - November 9 & 10.


Upper Canada Creamery Milk

Non-homogenised, cream top milk - fresh from the farm! The milk from Upper Canada Creamery is produced on a family run, certified organic farm located in Iroquois, ON. Taste the difference that grass-fed dairy makes by adding a 2L jug of milk to your weekly CSA. Collection begins the second week - November 9 & 10.


WholeFood Delights

(formerly Christie’s WholeFood Baking)

If you were one of the many folks who were adding some of Christy’s amazing baking to your basket every week, you’ll be excited to find a whole selection of WholeFood Delights to add on to your weekly Winter CSA.


Weekly 6-pack of Muffins

Weekly 6-pack of Cookies

Weekly Special Treat


Make your weekly visit to the Farm to pick up your Winter CSA extra special by adding on a little extra local, organic goodness!



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