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Organic Boxey Pepper Seedlings

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    Pre-sales of this item are currently sold out. That being said, we'll probably have some extra for sale at our May long weekend Opening Event (we always plant 20-30% extra as a safety margin). CLICK HERE to book your time slot as seedling surplus sales will be on a first come first serve basis.


    Pep it up! Don't be fool by these super sweet peppers! They are not spicy but soooo sweet. Delicious roasted with onions, blended with roasted cherry tomatoes for a ketchup, or just so great for a sweet crunchy snacks. Kids love them!

    • 4" pot
    • Boxey, conventional shaped pepper - 'Ace'
    • Plant in full sun
    • Like well drained, rich soil
    • Pick early as green peppers, or leave to ripen to red