Kale Recipes

We love kale, but we know not everyone agrees with us. We hope that after trying some of these recipes we can change your mind and convert you to a kale lover!

If you find kale tough or difficult to digest, we have a couple of suggestions;

1. Give it a massage! Drizzle a bit of vinegar or lemon juice on the leaves and then give them a good rub. You'll notice the colour change to a darker shade of green, indicating that the fibres have started to break down. Learn more here.

2. Get babyish: Baby kale leaves have all the good parts of full size kale leaves, but are much more tender.

3. Turn up the heat: Cooking kale will make it a lot more tender and easy to chew and digest. Chop it fine and add it to your omlet, pasta sauce, smoothies - anywhere and everywhere!


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