On-Farm Homeschooling Tutor

If you’ve ever been to the farm, you know what an integral part of the team Milo is! Our vision is that the farm is a working and living environment that is 100% child inclusive for our 9-year old son. We believe that the farm is the perfect learning environment for a child.

Milo is a brilliant 9 year old with an innate insatiable hunger for discovery and learning. Specific areas of interest include carpentry/metal work/building stuff, wild crafting/survival skills, Arduino microcomputer programming, knots/ropes, and tree and rock climbing.

We are envisioning 2-3 half day tutoring sessions per week focusing on language arts and math via “Book Work” as in the Waldorf Tradition with an integration of storytelling, arts, crafts, music, etc. We’re open to suggestions and discussion for specific approaches and activities, and we have the Oak Meadow Homeschooling materials available to serve as inspiration as needed. 

Who we’re looking for

  • A fun, dynamic, passionate, patient, playful person.
  • Someone who is familiar with and inspired by Waldorf education, Unschooling, Self Directed Learning, and/or Forest Schooling. 
  • Someone with one or more of the following skills: Song, dance, rhythm, cycles, wilderness skills, spiritual connection to nature, arts, crafts, science, mathematics,  construction projects, electronics and robotics!
  • The ability to see language arts and math learning opportunities within every type of activity. (ie How is knitting actually the perfect opportunity to explore multiplication?)
  • The ability to not infantilize children.
  • The ability to honor children's innate capacity for learning at their own rhythm.


  • 2-3 x half-days per week
  • 20$/hr 
  • 10-12 months per year (July and August off or at reduced frequency)
  • Could potentially be combined with part time farm work in the field or farm store depending on interest and aptitudes… to be discussed.

To Apply, send Jonathan and Jolianne your CV and a cover letter at ottawafarmfresh@gmail.com

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